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Subway Templates

1 Subway frame

Minimum Spec (Basic Template)

  • @2x (high resolution)@2x for high density devices more

  • Max file size 250kb

  • Button BG colour Supply hex code

  • Button FG colour Supply hex code

  • Deliverable Playground PSD template or build URL

Supported publishers
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Core ad spec
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Working in The Playground

  • 1 Design

    Each format has a number of easy to use Photoshop templates.

    Free access

  • 2 Build

    By using the Wizard, you can turn your design into a working ad with the click of a button!

    Free access

  • 3 Customise (optional)

    The templates come as-is, so if you’re looking to add more animations, custom elements etc you can. Get into the editor and code away in HTML, CSS or javascript.

    Free access

  • 4 Deploy

    In order to ad serve the project it must be assigned to a Billing Account. Set up your own or you port the project to another account.

    Ad serving charges apply