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We're here to drive creativity on mobile with our clever technology, scientific approach and focus on the user experience.

We build programmatic friendly, scalable, amazing ad formats that work harder and perform better.

Why we do what we do




Playground for advertisers

Increase the impact and effectiveness of your media buys.

Ads that work harder

Make your ad spend work harder with our range of high impact, engaging ad formats.

Premium ads in premium environments

Our mission is to make our ads work on all the leading publishers so you can build once and deploy at scale. Get in touch for our latest list of certified pubs.

Measure it

Measurement is key. Not only will we give you amazing reports with a range of interesting digital metics, we’ve partnered with TNS to help you capture desperately needed brand metrics too.

The choice is yours

Whether you trade directly or programmatically, we’ve got you covered. 3rd party services like viewability, audience ratings etc? Of course we’re compatible.

Happy Users

All of our products undergo UX testing to keep users happy. Be part of the solution, not the problem.

Playground for publishers

Dramatically increase yields and arm your sales team with a range of great new products.

On the up and up

Dramatically increase the yield of your mobile ad inventory.

Zero integration

Yep. Our Ad Formats require zero technical work on your side. We send you tags, they work, you approve. Certified brilliant.

Sales support

We’ll always have a steady stream of amazing new ad formats in the works. Put these in the hands of your sales team or your trading desk.

Happy Users

All of our products undergo UX testing to keep users happy. Be part of the solution, not the problem.

Playground for Creatives

Finally, a piece of tech that lets you unleash your creativity.

Creativity unlocked

Our ad formats open up an exciting new world of possibilities to unleash your creative potential.

Your choice

Want to drag and drop? Our integrations with leading GUI tools will get you going. Want to code? Jump right in with our Dev Kit.

Sales support

This is new but we're here to help. We have templates, examples, documentation and a bunch of gurus on standby.

Happy Users

All of our products undergo UX testing to keep users happy. Be part of the solution, not the problem.

Ad Formats



Hi, we're PLAYGROUND XYZ, a mobile creative ad-tech company based in Sydney with global aspirations, a strong point of difference and a goal to redefine what we think is an ecosystem out of kilter.

Yields on mobile ad inventory are low, meaningful measurement is absent, advertisers are uninspired by what’s available and users are fighting back. We’re tackling these issues, creatively.

We focus exclusively on custom mobile ad formats. While the majority of tech out there will let creative executions be built within the specified IAB formats, our offering is about re-shaping the ad formats themselves. Our proprietary ad-tech unlocks a range of possibilities to build ad formats that have never been done before and, importantly, deliver them at scale.

We're out to strike a balance between three stakeholders; advertisers, publishers and users, who up to this point have been largely neglected. The output is a suite of new formats that drive yields, deliver on brand metrics and offer a better UX.

We feel that it’s not good enough that mobile ads are disliked by users, not measured properly and have low inherent value, so we’re on a mission to drive change. Get to know us below.

Meet the team

Rob Hall


10 years in mobile advertising, previously MD APAC at Big Mobile.

Scot Liddell


10 years in mobile advertising, previously Operations Director at Big Mobile.

Jono Mullins


6 years in mobile advertising, previously Tech Lead at Big Mobile and Software Engineer at NASA

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