We're PLAYGROUND XYZ, a marketing technology company based in Sydney.

We think mobile advertising isn't living up to its potential. Publishers can’t monetise it, advertisers can't get the right return on ad spend and users hate it.

This is the story of how we're changing all that.

For years we've witnessed businesses trying to move the needle with a variety of tactics, despite being hugely constrained by the same, tired old ad formats.

So we changed the formats themselves!

We changed their size, their placement and even their behaviour.

We created brand new storytelling opportunities.

We knew they needed to strike a balance between our three stakeholders: Publishers, Advertisers and Users.

We launched in November 2015 with three brand new, market first, exclusive canvases.

In the past year, we quickly captured the imaginations and business of every major agency group and an amazing cross section of advertisers.

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To do all this, we had to build our own technology from the ground up.

The result is a patented, proprietary platform that allows for the creation and delivery of the next generation of mobile ad formats.

Creatives use our online, cloud based studio.

Tapping into dozens of templates we built in consultation with designers, producers, brands and agencies.

New doesn't = hard. We’ve revolutionised the creative process with our tool, The Wizard, turning flat images into working HTML with a click!

Our tech is commissioned and used by the who's who of premium publishers, offering brands unparalleled reach with these new high performing formats.

It works!

For publishers we help them generate 4-8x their usual banner yields so they’re of course over the moon.

For advertisers we’ve been able to help them achieve at least 2x key metrics like Viewability, Time in View and CTR (actually it’s often up to 10x for some metrics).

For users, who usually suffer at the hands of the first two stakeholders, we have achieved a 22% increase in how users feel towards the ads (compared to mobile advertising generally).

Aussie export

We're proud to say we're part of a rare breed of Australian tech companies who are exporting overseas, with our technology now being used in multiple countries across Asia and the U.K too

Award Winning

We've won two different Marketing Technology Company of the Year awards!

And we're just
getting started!

In a short space of time we've been able to move the needle for publishers, advertisers and users to boot.

The thing is, we are truly just getting started. There’s a lot of work yet to be done; we feel it's a critical component in fulfilling the fabled promise of mobile advertising. We’re thrilled to be a part of it.